Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Missguided - Review.

Dress and Shoes Purchased from Missguided! Glam Pink Look... 

Recently I went on Missguided and decided to treat myself to an outfit for when I go on another cute outing; for a meal or to the theatre, etc. I made some MEGA savings with this purchase so decided to make a blog post about it! Here's a review of the two items I bought. Massive thank you to my friend, Oliver who chose the dress when I thrust my phone at him in frustration at not being able to find anything to match the shoes. Hope you all enjoy! All photo's in this post are from the Missguided website, except for the one above which is from the lovely Clothing site, donnaflowervintage.

This dress was actually chosen for me by one of my friends at Uni. I wanted an outfit to go with the shoes below and he found this super cute midi dress! It's described as being a dusty pink colour on the website, which I would say is very accurate. I also posted the measurements from the website below and put my own measurements (from January 2016) in brackets so it's easier for you guys to see if it's true to size. I have to say when I tried this dress on, I found that it rides up a little, mainly because of the width of the hips. The length of the dress is really nice, but it comes up a little higher on myself than it does on the picture to the left. The material is really thick and it feels like good quality. Definitely worth the money on sale, but I don't think I would have spent £28 on this item.

BUST 81cm (85cm)
WAIST 63cm (64cm)
HIPS 88.5cm (85cm)
ON SALE: £14

I first saw these shoes on a Youtuber's page: Jadah Doll. Her whole style is very adorable and pink, so I'm naturally in love with her videos! The minute I saw theses shoes on her December Favourites I knew I had to have them in my life, so eventually (after three weeks and much persuasion from friends!!!) I plucked up the courage to spend some money. I got them in a Size 5 and couldn't be happier. When they arrived packaged really nicely and they look exactly the same as the picture on the right. These shoes are perfect to wear on a night out. They're so comfortable and they can be dressed up or down, depending on where you're planning to go. The actual heel isn't too tall either (in my opinion!) so they're not too difficult to walk in unless you're walking along the cobbled streets in London where no heeled shoe is a good idea. I would definitely not recommend wearing them in the rain, just because of the material it's made from. Overall, they've become my favourite shoes recently and for £20 I think they're a bargain considering how often I wear them.

ON SALE: £20

POSTAGE, PACKING AND DELIVERY: I had a lot of delivery problems with this order, which had nothing to do with Missguided as far as I could tell. The courier had either misplaced the parcel or had just not delivered it. I heard from the desk staff at my accommodation that the courier company itself were low on staff that week. Missguided were quick and efficient to reply to my complaint and refunded my 2-3 day postage immediately.

SAVINGS: With these two items, I got a really good student discount from Unidays and ended up saved £8.50 from that and then I had my £4.50 postage refunded to me. In the end I only spent £25.50!!! Until, the parcel still didn't arrived... two weeks later. The woman from Missguided who ended up sorting my claim gave me a £10 goodwill refund and my parcel arrived two days after so overall it only cost me £15.50! Massive thank you to Missguided for sorting out the couriers mistake. I would definitely shop from this online store again. In total, I made £52 in savings, going from £67.50 to only £15.50! Really hope you all found this review interesting,
Thanks so much for reading, hope to write again soon!


TITLE: "Civilisation - Bongo, Bongo, Bongo."
ARTIST: Andrews Sisters and Danny Kaye.
YEAR: 1948.
COMPOSER: Bob Hilliard and Carl Sigman.

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