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1920's "Phryne Fisher" Inspired Outfit.

Season 1, Episode 1: Cocaine Blues - Phryne's First Look.
Recently I started watching this amazing TV series on Netflix called "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" and absolutely fell in love with the costume designs/styling of the lead character, Phryne Fisher. I've always loved anything set before the 40's and murder mysteries are a favourite genre of mine so this show really jelled with me. In the first episode I loved the look this post is dedicated to and have found some pieces online to get a similar inspired look. Really hope you guys enjoy, let me know if you want more of these fashion posts and I'll see what I can do!
Extra Long White Scarf: (Length of this one 5'2 - will half in size when wrapped around the neck) Phryne's Scarf in the first episode is made of thicker material, this one is made of chiffon which will make it see-through. You can achieve a look more similar to Phryne's if you just buy some white fabric from a material store/market and cut it up/sew it yourself. It may, however, be more costly. £2.99

White Tights: from ASOS reduced to £1.50. You can get white tights at Primark also which should do the trick quite nicely. You don't want really thick white tights, in fact, you want to be able to see your skin through them a bit. If you're going for a Phryne Costume, getting thicker tights give them the appearance of a more cartoon character but if you're looking to wear this on the daily (a more wearable everyday look) then I suggest getting the more see-through tights.

White Gloves: Phryne only wears these gloves when she's outside, so they're not really necessary if you don't want them but I personally love wearing gloves. You're looking for some short vintage ones, Phryne's have two buttons on the wrist to clasp the glove closed. £1.99 with shipping.

Navy pleated midi skirt£14 from Asda. Phryne's skirt stops at the knee, so you're essentially looking for a pleated navy midi skirt like this one. They're currently sold out of a few sizes so hopefully, they'll get them back in stock soon! I looked really carefully at the footage and originally I thought the skirt and top were matte but they're not, they're actually satin! This skirt from Asda and the top below aren't shiny, so while it appears less costumey it isn't true to the show or era as they wore ALOT of satin back then.

Black and White Shoes: So Phryne was wearing a T-strap shoe and I managed to find some similar but not exact from Royal Vintage. Phryne's had more of the white running up the heel and the strap was more detailed on the front but these will do the same thing! $45 but you need to add $21 for shipping if you're from the UK.

Top: This is the closest top look alike I could find. The sleeves need to be longer so they can be rolled up slightly like Phryne's and it also has the hood on the back. In the show, she has more white detailing on the top but this one has a few strips and is similar in cut and style and it's only $20.70! It also seems to match the colour of the skirt quite well.

EXTRAS: In this episode, Phryne also seems to be wearing a dark red lipstick. I use 'Diva' by Mac but any dar
k red will do. You don't want it to be too dark, however, so just use a little bit to give it the vintage 1920's look if it's a really pigmented shade like 'Diva'. This look is more vintage than modern vampy, but can be altered if that's your preferred styling! She's also wearing a navy blue hat with a white feather and blue flower attached to the side of it. She is seen without the hat in the second scene, so again it's an outdoor item of clothing and not necessary. This hat in particular is very unusual (it's not like a normal cloche hat) as it folds over in various places. This is one that I think would have to be made by hand rather than bought.

Really hope you enjoyed reading this, let me know in the comments if you want any more posts similar,
Thanks again for reading!


TITLE: "All I Do Is Dream Of You."
ARTIST: Singin' In The Rain.
YEAR: 1952.
COMPOSER: Lennie Hayton, Nacio Herb Brown & Arthur Freed.
GENRE: Musical.

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